"Take Back Today" lyrics


"Take Back Today"

You made footprints on mountains,
You made a change in an old dirt.
We showed each other what we're good at,
We taught each other self worth.
We yelled so loudly that we hurt each other's ears
And that summer we all made a pact to face our fears.
And that night I met your dad and your older brother
And I wish I could've been there to have met your mother,
And I wish you could've been here to have met my father
When he wasn't always in pain or some doctor's new project.

It's just everything is always a countdown.
Let's take time away.

Lately I've been worried I've been spending my life only living part of it.
I've been spending so much time in the future I forgot about the present.
I wanna go back to when I was young and throwing rocks into ponds I didn't own,
I wanna go back to your baby powder feet and your sweaty sweaty summer clothes.

If everything is always a countdown
Then I wanna take time away.
Am I moving way too fast now?
Or am I trailing at a snail's pace?

I heard my favorite song but I couldn’t stand the sound.
I've been running under thunder storms
Just waiting for it to rain down.
Its your worn bed sheets,
Its your warm pillow,
I want to forever follow,
Tell me where does your shadow go?

If everything is always a countdown
I want to take back today.

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