"Sold Year / Transitions" lyrics


"Sold Year / Transitions"

[Sold Year]

It takes a lot of courage to start saying you're sorry
When you're like the wife of the whole fucking army

Yeah we all have memories
Yeah we all have enemies

You wanna hang Christmas lights in the summer
An excuse to pass time with one another

You're moving away on memories
You're moving away from enemies

We keep loyalty alive
We keep grudges until we die

You'll be making new memories
You'll be making new enemies

Have you ever seen a soldier smile?
I’d never last a mile
With all the weight that they wear all the while.


I won't bury my dead,
I choose to trample the bodies.
The mistakes I've made,
They teach me to be sorry.
Too quick to make a choice,
Never thought out what I was thinking,
Now I listen to more than one voice,
I pay attention to the whole choir singing.

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