"Only You" lyrics


"Only You"

Well, I haven’t been practicing what I preach.
Well, I haven’t been practicing much of anything anymore.
I tried to live a clean life, lean towards health and making you proud,
But I became too focused on another lingering rain cloud.
I forgot what sunlight felt like,
I almost grabbed for the dirt I kicked away.
I wanted to throw it in my own eyes
Until I forgot the sight of how our bodies used to lay.

You only you can change yourself,
But lord knows you were a big fucking help.

It’s hard to find yourself when you’re more drunk than you're sober
When every thought you’ve ever thought is gone before the night is over.

You made me a liar in my joyful youth.
You sparked a fire seen from a mountaintop view,
I’m on the ground, I’m still burning for you.
And I’m still learning from you only you.

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