"Boat Rich" lyrics


"Boat Rich"

The home we were searching for
We’ll write our initials
In rock formations
On the mountains
Just like the cities we drove through
With so much
Much more freedom

Than here
Than these
East coast constraints
Could ever compare to.

But do you remember
That Philly porch panic attack
And the late night talks
On the balcony?

Well I’ve been finding comfort
Spending the day time in bars,
Watching how people in these cities act.
Watching you play
Pinball arcade games
While I put my legs up and relax.

I’m finally realizing
That home
Doesn’t have an address

But do you remember
Cherry cheeks on Chicago nights
And the late night talks
In other people’s living rooms

Pick out a postcard
(we’ll send it in the morning

But do you remember
Sleeping sitting up
And the late night talks
In every state we’ve been in

I’m finally realizing
That home doesn’t have an address
It doesn’t have an address

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