"It's Summertime, Baby" lyrics


"It's Summertime, Baby"

Won't look any other way
Sunbeams beat away the grey
Those hips never get old
Ain't nothing to hate, today I got it all

Someday when everything's settled down
Can't wait to leave this town
I'll drag you with me
Just as long as you can stand me around
You should know

Tough breaks, we'll leave 'em in the gutter
No fakes and no annoying clutter
My mind, scrambled I'm sure
I don't care at all because I got it good

Walk away from pettiness and the sounds
That beat the heart of this town
Nothing's ever been important like the time that we made
You should know

On a mission now to deliver brighter days
The summer's now in reach and there is no need to stay

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