"Pressure" lyrics



Now you're on your own and it's getting too much
You could always look but now you've lost the touch
Asking favors on the telephone
You know how it feels to be alone

And the words just stick in your throat too long
Til the thoughts and the timing and the chance are gone
The nervous smile never turns to a grin
Keep the barriers up and the feelings in

Pressure [x4]

Stuck in a room counting your friends
While the list of acquaintances never ends
Of all these voices on the end of the phone
How many would help you now you're really alone?

As the passing pedestrians wander by
A cursory glance with unseeing eyes
Statistical dots on the memory bank
As the past gets dimmer and the futures looks blank

Pressure [x3]
Oh it's pressure

But keeping your head straight above all the pressure
Avoiding the rumor you try to forget her
Sit tight and wait concentrate on the now
Resolve and decide not to let it get you down

Avoiding the rumor you try to forget her
Avoiding the rumor you try to forget her
Try to forget her, try to forget
Above all the pressure, try to forget her
Above all the pressure, above all the pressure
You try to forget her, above all the pressure

Pressure [x7]

The pressure got me

Thanks to Schmuckles for these lyrics

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