"Joyless" lyrics



I can feel your empty mind
Through your joyless empty eyes
Without the spark of life you hide
Behind your anger and your pride

Can your image ever lie?
Is there room for me to try
To put a bit of life inside?
Let your instincts open wide

So take my words and fill your ears
And understand it can happen for years
Or just a second, but it stays the same
Instantaneous total change

With a flick of a switch the light goes in
Preconceptions rearranged
Feel the power, feel the pain
Or close your eyes and hide away
Joyless, joyless
Close your mind and fade away
Joyless, joyless

So take it or leave it, build up or destroy
The basic conception of feeling some joy
Cos the smile on your face
Is the proof of why
Or the shattered expression
In your old disguise
Your heard the truth and you called it a lie
But don't ever say I don't ever try
Cos when it fails I go looking for more
And when it works I can feel it all
I can feel it all
I can feel it all

Thanks to Schmuckles for these lyrics

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