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Instinctive. Spontaneity. Drive.

Nearly all your emotions are filtered through
Til nothing's as good as you'd like it to be
Til all expectations are tinged with despair
In the stagnant presumption that nothing can be
As good as it was in the books
The girl who lives up to her looks
The man who provides her a dream
And the glorious way it "should" be
But forget it, it "won't ever happen to you"

If you're feeling down then they want you to
Up's the direction to glorify in
Consider the fact that most of your sins
Are parts of morality that died years ago
But continue existing til the alternative's known

They, the big ones, the T-H-E-Y
The term we all use to pass ourselves by
Are barriers of silence to the ideas we preach
Til our slogans descend into figures of speech

So don't shout 'fuck you!' if you don't like my choice
Try thinking of something that gives you a voice
Someone's ability to lead you along
Does not make him more than a writer of songs
But if your really want to sing it
Then yeah! Sing along
But don't think the end result is making you strong

Do what you want when you want if you can
It's oh so much better than having it planned
If countries were run on spontaneous thought
Then maybe we'd base things on love a bit more
The feelings you get when someone you know
But had never dared speak to, comes up, says "hello"
When somehow the whole world exists in one kiss
And you long for the things
You swore you'd never miss

Gut feelings, the stomach, the head spins around
There's so many things we don't talk about
If I gave a lecture on the glory of sex
Instead of a lecture on political crimes
You'd get red and embarrassed and shuffle your legs
And they say that we live in spontaneous times

I'm told by 'superiors' we like it this way
Being told what to do in our lives day by day
Being ordered and disciplined is natural they say
And if that's what your want you can hate me ok

I don't expect less, it's the thought for the day
But you'll probably deny what you feel anyway
And even deny your own self-denial
Even deny your own self-denial
Even deny your own self-denial
Even deny your own self-denial

At this point I'll stop or get bottled off stage
Or if it's down in a book
Then you'll rip out a page
Pure hatred is good in a frightening way
It can help you let out what you're dying to say
Express what's inside in a momentary rage
From normal suppression it makes a good change

But pure love or anger should not be the factors
That tell us apart from the everyday actors
Who live out the roles they were given to play
And suppress all their feeling and try not to say
That they love it! It's beautiful! It tears them apart!
Or they hate it! It's a bastard!
They don't know where to start

Try opening your mind and see what falls out
It's really amazing if you don't think about it
Just go instinctive spontaneity drive
It's reality stop number 35
Where they're queuing for miles to watch you survive
On the freedom of conscience that keeps you alive
Keeps you alive
It keeps me alive!

There's not many people who like the idea
Of a life without freedom but they all live in fear
Of losing the minute amount that they've got
They say that they know who they are
But they're not
They're all individuals under the skin
'Born losers' were told that no one can win
'Born winners' created by money, not skill
This structure is sick, it's even making me ill
It rubs off on me, you can tell by these songs
But I went the other way, I think it's wrong

Of fuck it's all too much, it's all out of touch
You're telling me I can hear you you see
I can see you can hear but you cannot believe
Cos your concept of life lies in envy and greed
But just cos you want something don't mean your need
If you can hear and be conscious the rest comes for free

To bring it to basics this life is a dream
And when you wake up you will see what I mean
Now slag this song! Go on, tell me I'm wrong
Or tell me I'm right, whatever you like
But please don't take so long
Or all the spontaneous thoughts will be gone

All the spontaneous thoughts will be gone
All the spontaneous thoughts will be dead and gone

Thanks to Schmuckles for these lyrics

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