"Go Wild (My Son)" lyrics


"Go Wild (My Son)"

Pinning pictures on the walls
Running when the postman calls
Eating all the chemicals that keep you under
Once you have a point of view
Situate these giant views
See the people just like you, it makes you wonder

Is your mind a prison? Is this how you exist?
A [?] to make decisions
A [?] to change the risks
Well something must be missing
And you now know what it is
Everything's so easy
But it's oh so boring

Tearing pictures off the walls
Watching all the heroes fall
Spraying new age slogans on the walls that feel it
Turning off the tv screen rob the nightmare to the dream
No one shrugs he's let her scream
Know the feeling

When they laugh at your conviction
When they say you're full of fiction
Point out all the contradictions
They live under
When they say you [?] moral definition
Say you've just escaped from prison
Watch them wonder

Get out of your prison it's only in your mind
All the things you're given are there to make you blind
Rules are to be broken and walls are to be climbed
So throw away your values and leave then all behind
Go wild (My Son)
Go wild yey!

Thanks to Mark Harrison for these lyrics

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