"Don't Worry About It" lyrics


"Don't Worry About It"

There's lots of emotions involved in your actions
Solving the problems was never so hard
Your self-motivation gets lost in confusion
There's so many thoughts you don't know where to start

Why wait for an answer? You've already got one
Stop thinking you have to be socially strong
Looking to others is just what they're doing
Cos nobody likes to be told that they're wrong

Make up your own mind, decide if you have to
Without the opinions of those you respect
If they cannot listen then do it without them
Give them solutions they'd never expect

Don't worry about it
Don't worry about it

To deny your beliefs to be seen to be 'normal'
Will merely demolish your own self-esteem
If you know where you're going
You're halfway to knowing
How easy it is to say just what you mean

Silence is golden but won't get you anywhere
Speak out in anger against all your fears
Wind up the voice til it cuts through the noise
And let someone know you got thoughts and ideas

If nobody listens don't worry about it
You're safe in the knowledge that somebody cares
Ignore all the laughter and get what you're after
And when they stop laughing
You'll know that you are there

Thanks to Schmuckles for these lyrics

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