"Catching Flies" lyrics


"Catching Flies"

In a room and a faded picture
Looking out with faded eyes
A little grey man in a little white cell
Climbing the walls of his mental Hell
And catching flies...they said you were 'well'

You were too radical, cynical, political
Stopping the disease before it got critical
Marked out as 'dangerous' - words are so ridiculous
In for diagnosis - a government process

Bits of legality thought up by the ministry
Making it necessity to cancel your activity
Telling judge and family about national security
Made it sound worse than it ever was or could've been

One step out of line - wrong place, wrong time
Told a little white lie - enough to get you certified

Too much non-conformity, label it 'insanity'
Put it in a box and send it to obscurity
Stacked up jacked up numbered and packed up
Chained on the outside, padded on the inside
Lost in the piles of little white boxes
State department strategy took away your energy
Not enough complacency - recommend lobotomy

Mind bend medicinal, brainwash clinical
Don't you get too radical
They'll fill you full of chemicals
Fill you full of chemicals
They'll fill you full of chemicals

Uniformation, nursedation
Treatmentality, state hospitality
Number and name on an iron door
And a plastic bag where they keep your watch and pen
From the life you had before - never to be used again

Obliterate the memory of all you ever used to be
Writing your obituary, keeping anonymity
And catching flies - like you and me
Catching flies - and watching them die

Visiting prohibited
For all I've seen you could bee dead
And when I came to visit you
They wouldn't even let me through
Said they had a job to do
And it all takes time
The only thing you've really got
Is time enough to sit and rot
Remember names that you forgot
Remember mine

And when I got to see you I could barely recognize
The wasted human being, busy catching flies

Put them in a box where they slowly die
Put them in a box where they slowly die
Put them in a box where they slowly die
Put them in a box with you
Catching flies
Catching flies

Thanks to Schmuckles for these lyrics

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