"Yellow Lights" lyrics


"Yellow Lights"

underneath the yellow lights
i tried to be standoffish
but you said it wasn't the thought
that could count anymore
if we ever had a pact
well, i'm sure i broke it that night
honest feelings covered up by
more important things to do

and my heart of ice is harder to break
than one that's soft and warm
if i had a hammer i'd do it myself
just to make it easier on you

i put you on my fix-it list
next to my broken armchair
i never use it anymore
but it sure beats facing you..

you cried as i thought that i could run
just to get away from all this

all the screwballs down the drain
along with all our scruples
farther down the whole we
couldn't dig ourselves out
underneath the yellow lights
my vision's getting lazy
but it took a while to find out
just what we couldn't see

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