"Vacation/Vacate" lyrics



a bowling ball in water
it's a chore not to sink
this new life without you
oh, the possiblities are fleeting
and i tried so hard to engineer this trip
now i know my magic wand was just a ruler
keeping space between us

a metaphorical home
for your neglected, loner heart
it was unwise to think
that your residencywould be enduring
and i'll sleep in the middle of my bed
pretending that it's natural
'cause after all

i am just a vacation
that you decide
you can vacate at any old time

and at the ceremony
step up to receive your prize
"most likely to bail"
it's amazing you never
thought you earned this
i turn 95 degrees just to think straight
now you can't see me
I can't feel you

and you arrived so triumphantly
singing your love
making heads lean toward you
now we'll keep on trying
and i'll still keep fighting
to find all the notes
that were lost on dead air that you breathe

and you tried to fake and fly
but unsuccessfully
'cause soon you'll be seeing
your reflection in my eyes

and i'll sleep in the middle of my bed
trying to forget every word you said
i'll never forget what you said

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