"Goodbye Daily Sadness" lyrics


"Goodbye Daily Sadness"

If I could break this wall down it could be my foundation, the start of me
breaking the mould that I created
It's good to have goals but
I've got transportation and some comfort along the way
I was never aware of the albatross
Of a stunted bantamweight
added a few more inches, fresher air now
I'm a bastion of strength

And I'm standing over seven feet tall
Now I'll never be scared at all
Splendid what pair of shoes can do
And as dim as it sounds
What an awakening
And it's goodbye daily sadness

Danced on my tiptoes couldn't stand the feel of the ground
Till I found you made of something from a factory downtown
And you never let me fall, running around running around

Should I let my self depend of this
But you hold me paramount

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