"Elephant" lyrics



no more rewards when we fight
but i was taken just the other night
to the circus show
entertainment at it's finest
expectations of a great night
and what a magnificent sight it was
but inside my heart
the glamour was fading

what the world needs now is to take this blindfold off
was i lied to
cause this question's been suspended
but it's catching up with you
i can't believe it
was I betrayed - oh, to my dismay

so confined, he confided
that nothing ever made his eyes shine
at the circus show
where did all the happiness go

and if you think
the world is a bicycle built for only you
well, brother this big top, no it never seemed so low

now i'm standing on my soapbox shouting at the world
and my question's never been answered
but tonight i will not falter - so tell me
was i betrayed

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