"Mark Reznik Takes 30 Guys To Beat Contra" lyrics


"Mark Reznik Takes 30 Guys To Beat Contra"

Don't fuck with us cause we're young and reckless
we've got a head full of bad ideas and strong legs to carry al our burdens and our dreams
and when you put us in the streets, we feel at home
cause we've been locked outside since before we can remember, by the accident of birth
It was no accident [x2]

You got your squad of jack-booted thugs to put the meaning in your callous empty words
You weren't so tough before the cruisers and the paddy wagons rolled up on that rainy summer morning
three-to-one with hands on side-arms for a bunch of fucking kids
what can we do? when they got the guns and the numbers
and it seems like all we have left, are these plans and ideas
that we form in secret to shatter the perfected image they sell
It was no accident [x5]

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