"Energy Drinks For The Broken-Hearted" lyrics


"Energy Drinks For The Broken-Hearted"

Their tours are all cross-marketed,
with energy drink for the broken-hearted.
The corporate sponsors have pocketed,
the values that once narrated,
the lifestyle that separated us from them.
From vans, to buses, to televisions,
luxury's the new religion.
That insulates them from taking up,
the decisions made to extricate themselves,
from the moldy soiled basements, we call home.

Did you really think that fame and it's trappings,
would rescue you from the cycle of self-loathing and depression.
Should we all start to admire, the handy work of you,
and your fucking street-team to disassemble
the underground network that sustained us,
through the bleakest days of our lives.
yeah you really earned it this time,
with all that shit about paying your dues,
Like your sob story could change our attitudes.
Now you're in your tower, yeah we're laughing at you,
we're laughing at you [3x]

Thanks to Conker for these lyrics

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