"Timeline" lyrics



Three years ago we lit a fire that we held close to our hearts.
Three years ago we drew the fucking line and formed a new resistance.

It feels like only moments ago
I put the pen down on the paper
Forming thoughts into words and lines.
With the patience of a painter,
Will everything that I have to say
Catch the ear of those who hear it?
Will my words hit the heart and soul
And rekindle the fighting spirit?

Let go of all the fears of failure.

From the moment that we stood together and found our common ground
We did it faster, and we played it harder, we made it fucking loud.
And though the times have changed we’re a little bit older and a little bit wiser
Given the chance I’d do it all again.


We’ve given up love, we’ve given up home,
We’ve even given some sanity.
The sacrifices that we’ve made through the years
Have only served to bring us some clarity.

That this is our calling
This is our time.

So with open hearts and with open minds we’ll continue forward into a world so unknown.
And no matter where we turn we will not lose hope, for this is will be set in stone.
Everything we have done here will always be in our hearts and minds.
These moments will live on forever and echo across the world

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