"Nothing More" lyrics


"Nothing More"

My eyes had been sewn shut
but I can finally see
the truth behind the words you’ve spoken.
This will end in tragedy.
You used to bring me to life,
you used to brine me peace of mind,
you used to be everything that I wanted.
I can see the change in your eyes.
Now you’re nothing more than a fucking lie.

I remember standing by your side
when all of this had a purpose.
I remember fighting for your name
When all of this meant so much more
Where did you lose your substance?
Where did you lose your heart?

We’ve spent our whole lives screaming waiting to be noticed.
We’ve given up everything we had to pursue a better purpose.
We never questioned if the sacrifice was worth the outcome.
But now I see you questioning just what it is that you’ve become.

It seems to me that you’ve fallen victim
to the things that you most despised
The clarity in which you saw the world
has been replaced with dollar signs
It’s no longer for love,
it’s no longer for fun,
it’s no longer for passion,
it’s no longer for fighting.
Fighting to make your voice heard

When this glamour fades
and there is nothing to gain
we will be the ones left standing.

This world will know that we are the future.

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