"Never Again" lyrics


"Never Again"

I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.
I’ll rise before your eyes and bring you down.
Never again will I fall victim to your lies.

All of my life I had been thrown around
been chewed up and been spitten out.
No sense of self and no faith in my name
but how soon things would change.
You were the one that I could always run to
you were the one in which I would confide.
Little did I know, little did I know
you were the one that kept me dying inside.

Preaching your wisdoms and promising there was a better day.
When all along all you wanted to do was to change my views in me
It wasn’t until I took a look in the mirror and realized
that I had lost myself now I truly see you never really cared for me.

You’re fucking dead to me.
Never again will I fall victim to your lies.

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