"Left Alone" lyrics


"Left Alone"

I’ve been screaming at the heavens trying to find the reasons
that I’m feeling left alone feeling so hopeless, beaten and broken.
And everything keeps telling me to keep on fighting,
to never hide to create a path that is my own and chase a dream that never dies.
I will never falter I will never fail.

We may come from different places but I bleed the same as you so stand with me.
We may be standing at the bottom but the only way to move is up so stand with me.

Now everything that you hold dear these material thing, bring material fears.
When you let go of these petty things you’ll begin to really see your dreams.
Looking forward, never looking back we’ve been given a moment, given a chance.
To create something, something from nothing.
We will never falter, we will never fail.

When you learn to live with nothing.
You will finally live your life

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