"Finding Clarity" lyrics


"Finding Clarity"

Rub my eyes
I'm still here
It's been so long
It's so clear
We're not changing
We've been here for so long
We'll break before we stop to catch our breath.
This is all
I can be
Nothing more
This is me
Should have known
Not to become a part of something that I could never love

Wake, don't sleep
Rest, resist the change
Hearts are being broken by the choices that they make
Wake don't sleep
Rest will miss the change
Broken hearts are mended by the chances that they take
Get Up Get Up
Wake up wake up wake up
Rest is for the fucking weak go
Get up get up get up
No one needs to sleep


Our time is now
Time for a change
Our time is now
You've got yourself to blame
Our time is now

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