"Heroin Or Suicide?" lyrics


"Heroin Or Suicide?"

Hey see you know what I, I know what I don't
You promise you promise and I know you won't
The problems and pressures we face everyday
Are sometimes more like but always on display
It breaks in your ears, it aches in your bones and brings you to tears
With various incisions you load another bullet
You're shooting with precision

I'm talented with atrophy yeah I do it well
you know I'd like to take a break from suffering in hell
Squatting is the excuse is I frequently abuse
Either way I hold the chain I'm gonna need a noose cause PAIN!!!!!!!!
Sweats on my skin, sick with bad memories and burns for my sin PAIN!!!!!!!
To talk with each breath
The only solution is the sweet taste of death!

Don't mistake the demeanor
My kindness and weakness
I'll burn you with reality
While you cry to your Jesus
You're suffocating in two
You're choking in an empty room
Your empty life that's ending soon
Completely spells your doom

I made a choice deep inside
heroin or suicide?
sickness praised in times of need
we waste away from hands of greed
Jesus nailed to wooded T's
cannot compete with my disease
humanity the weak condition my soul is sick from my decision

PAIN!!!! The badness increases
The goodness wants to cry while we are cut to pieces
PAIN!!! Precious death
Paralyzed with apathy that's all that's fucking left!

Thanks to Marietta for these lyrics

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