"Skin And Bone" lyrics


"Skin And Bone"

Three little words, but the conviction is missing.
It's so easy to speak, but so much harder to listen.
We're at the end of the road, but I felt haggard and old long ago.

And so I'll pour out my heart, but you know my heart isn't in it-
Well, it was there at the start, but now I'm scared to admit it;
I have turned into a ghost.
There's nothing left but the bones of before.

All we are is skin and before.
Holding on and letting go
All we are is skin and bone,
We're too old to die young.

Three years ago, but now it feels so much closer,
We were the brightest at first, but I was overexposure
Oh, I need to feel you in my soul
And now I guess we'll never know

I need to feel you in my soul.

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