"Souvenir" lyrics



Please help me wash this lump down my swollen throat.
With all these other things that I find hard to swallow.
Tongue in cheek.
Foot in mouth.
Hung myself with my own shoelaces.
Sit back, relax.
It won't take long for the life to leave my eyes.
On and on.
I don't have time to clean up the mess we've made.
Keep quiet.
I'll sweep this under the sofa and the chair.
These arms can't hold the weight of these mistakes.
Too weak to change the sheets from when you stayed.
I go on and on.
We can't say we tried or put ourselves aside.
We might have pretended we were satisfied.
Walk on now, but my feet hurt, so I can't make that trek this time.
I'll see you when I see you, goodbye.
And while these memories start to fade and photographs are thrown away,
I'll save a little piece on my side.
Breathe out of your insecurities and hang them out with mine.
I hope you save a piece on your side.

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