"Song 2 (The Fairweather Anarchist)" lyrics


"Song 2 (The Fairweather Anarchist)"

Feel I've done my best today
To give you every chance you take,
It's time to bury past regrets

Count the times you stab me in the back,
It's just the price I pay to learn
That you will never change!

How can you suppress the fact
Your life's not how you want it?
Living through a proxy in your world of insecurities
Wish you could be anyone else,
Why not try to just be yourself
You live a life locked in fear!

I've grown out of all these broken dreams and stories
That I once believed could set my life apart

But you try to prove yourself now,
Day-in, day-out stand on the backs
Of all the people you called friends

Your misplaced ideals
Have made you a hypocrite!
All your words are bullshit

Spreading vicious rumours and slander
Won't win respect
And I will not abide it


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