"Rest In Peace, Jimmy" lyrics


"Rest In Peace, Jimmy"

Do you recall what you stood for?
Or maybe it's just what I saw
Your blackened eyes like a corpse
The paradigm now created

Vanish in a breath, inhaled virus
Spread, network, infecting the host
This willing cancerous mutation
Becoming the blood in my veins

Give the people what they want
This our mass distraction
It won't matter, they won't think

Through the veil
Cleverly constructed
To keep us complacent

Your life is a stage!
And you're getting played!
These days in the sun!
Will wither away!

You gave them your soul!
They'll forget your name!
It won't mean a thing!
Discarded the same!

Come live in the culture asylum
Idolize whatever you're told
Prey on the fear, insecurities
Inspire a culture that sells

Is there any value to living
Inside a commodity cage
I want to be more than an object
Never planned to be here for you

You stand alone at last
Fifteen golden minutes
To see you're no one

Just like the rest of us
Realize your potential
Before it's, smothered

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