"No One Likes The Exploited" lyrics


"No One Likes The Exploited"

All I have are questions
all your lies are answers
(and) maybe we can never
hold the truth we need, but

I will not believe it
I won't be deceived and
even if it kills me
(I) know we'll find a way

You sow the seeds of hatred,
reap rewards of pain.
Children slaving for you
this is what you need?

Maybe turn a blind eye (to)
non-existent problems
If it helps you sleep, that
Doesn't work for me.

Now don't waste a moment, the cost of life, is nothing to you
all you ever wanted, comes down to me, and I can't breathe
you won't see you're, blind to this, what they've built you perpetuate
in all of your decisions, don't miss it 'till it goes away

So until we break the
locks and free the caged, we
keep a boot upon the
back of all their necks

Legacy of death, our
history of slaughter
listen to the silent
cries of the oppressed

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