"Dead To Me" lyrics


"Dead To Me"

Bleeding! Drowning!
How life! Is now!
Stuck and Lying!
To my conscience!

How could I betrayed this? Now I,
watch you play the victim, Does it,
even really matter when there's,
Such manipulation

Loss, confusion
drown my soul
Now I'm Judas!
Now I rot!

And I can't explain this!

Feel dead inside!

Throw this away?
Or walk away?
A losing battle
of forcing hands

Feeling my decay
It's eating me alive
This will not consume me
This won't be my life

'You just need a fix,
need to fill the void
in your heart

She cannot replace
what you never had

blame it on your life,
friends and family
is it them?

Is it just a crutch
that you lean upon
to hide the blame'

Don't look back on
These Broken bonds
These Empty hearts
These unspoken lies

And the past is buried,

Dead and gone!

Did I give you nothing
And take your life?
Held in my hands
What you victimized?

Drunken anger
reveals the truth
his words like daggers
a life agonized

I am Judas!
I will rot!
I am Judas!
I'm Betrayed!

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