"Cheap Hope, Costly Methods" lyrics


"Cheap Hope, Costly Methods"

A moth to flame in darkness do you
Ever watch the sunrise
Waking up to pressure and the
Turning of your insides

This is what we've become a new
Cult of self indulgence
Caste divisions surface through
Synthetic self importance

Never rest a waking moment
Consequence unquantified, this
Present tense existence leads you
To your self destruction

Subject to opinions of the
Masses that define you
Symptoms of regression it's my
Diagnosis: stagnating progress

One day when you're falling backwards, suddenly awakened by the light!
Empires created but it's nothing more than visions in your head!
Faces fade to grey and black, the bloating corpses of a wasted youth!
This is what your memories, or lack of them, may cost you in the end!
I am not the one to make the choices that define what you'll become!
Mirrors are for more than drawing lines to lose the things you're running from!

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