""Miss Attention, May I Introduce Mr. Naive?"" lyrics


""Miss Attention, May I Introduce Mr. Naive?""

When sober is your new drug
I'll be that little cut festering
Beneath your clothes
do blood and tears make you feel less alone?
in the garden where you sleep
did you hear the statues crying out your name
I walk dead dragging my hand against
buildings as I pass
soaking up red and green from the envy that I feed
turn the picture frames down
and you can cross out each face's eyes
no one lives here
they just leave, cheat, steal, or die

Your skin pale as snow in dead of winter
pressed against my lips
She said her heart for me would beat forever
how soon you forget

I tried to plant a seed where nothing would grow
this has all grown so old
And a memory of a summer scene
has faded in the cold

My head against your chest
your foot tapping against the ground
To fill the absence of sound in a room without heat
and void of a heartbeat, you're void of a heartbeat

I just burned down the source of a thousand emotions
wasted on you never again I'll think of...

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Thanks to tess redinger for correcting these lyrics

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