"Summer Of '98" lyrics


"Summer Of '98"

I remember how it was. Tower shows fun because everything was so bright and new, so sincere and fucking true. Days of old are long and gone. I never thought we were wrong. We always took what was ours. I used to think I was hard.

It's not too late to change your mind.
This is our time to shine.
Bringing back the spirit we once had.
Bring back the spirit we all had.

I grew up and got smart. I unclenched my fist, used my heart. I now think for myself. I can think for myself.

We need to change or this scene will fall into our own demise. You think I'm wrong and one day I'm gone? Well that's not fucking true... that's not fucking true.

We all try to open doors because this means so much more. With open hearts and open minds take the time to find out why (this is the truth.)

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