"To Sleep Is To Feel" lyrics


"To Sleep Is To Feel"

feat. J.T. Woodruff

Tossing and turning, a ruthless fight takes place in the night.
If I could drift asleep, my problems; they drift from me
I lie here In disarray
If I could fall asleep tonight, my problems would subside but I lie awake all night
I lie awake without you by my side
Let me slowly drift away yet, when morning comes its another day without you by my side
These sheets are strangling me and this bed is my enemy
Counting sheep but I'm no shepherd
When will these dreams take hold of me?
You shattered my reality
You left me in a nightmare
Look what you've done to me
Time after time, I lie awake losing my mind
Time after time, my life rewinds
You were everything to me when I was nothing to you
I'll spend the night replaying everything we've been through
You were everything to me but I was not enough, I was nothing to you
For the weak, for the weary, for those troubles within your chest, come to me
Come to me and I will give you rest

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