"Reckless" lyrics



God, I'm so reckless
Abandoned my teachings it's like I fall back into my old ways
Every time I get down it's like this never ends
You said You'd always be there for me
Why do I always run so far from home?
This is my sinful season
I fail, I falter, make mistakes without rhyme or reason
I'm reaching out, so pull me in
Save me, I know I've been reckless, I'm falling away
Change me, I know that I need this, I'm calling Your name again
Consumed by vices, they take a hold of me
I failed my family and returned a mockery
A constant disappointment
I let you down, I always let you down
It's spiritual warfare
Lord, please hear this prayer
Face down, I traded riches for a fruitless crown
I'm stuck in ditches that my heart has found
The demons flee at the trumpets' sound
God, Your voice is thunder
Shake the ground
It's spiritual warfare
Lord, please hear this prayer
Father, You never disown
I'm coming home

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