"Never Wanted It This Way" lyrics


"Never Wanted It This Way"

I tried to make you stay
I'm living with a ghost, her memory I miss most
I am the lighthouse burning every night with no ship in sight
A poison kiss so divine, God I'd pray for the stars to align
This is the only life I've known: heartbroken and alone
Just lock me up and throw away the key
I don't want to live my life in misery
I never wanted it to be this way and I never thought you'd walk away
I tried to make you stay
So, cast my body out to sea
Erase my existence from history
I don't want to live in misery
This is the end of you and me
I pray for rebirth as you flood the earth
Wash away this agony, my chest won't beat again
I've grown tired and drained going through the motions
You're slowly killing me
I hear the siren's songs that play with my emotions
So here, my heart rests at the bottom of the ocean
I'm better off on my own
I won't take you back after everything we've been through
I won't take you back
This time I'm walking away from you

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