"I Am Nothing" lyrics


"I Am Nothing"

I was wrong.
Every word I said wasn't for you.
It was for me,
My own personal gain.
It was for me.

The drunken nights,
The pity fights.
I used my time so carelessly.
And all the girls, the hearts I stole.
This isn't of you.

Is there someone like me who wants to change?
Is there anyone like me
Who really wants to change?

These blackened lungs,
They're leading me straight to the grave.
Bottle after bottle, I am wasting away.
The sex,
The porn,
My eyes are now stained.
I'm sick of this.
It's time for change.

This is not the way that I'm supposed to live!
I have given everything!
There's nothing left to give!
Tear down my walls, let your voice be heard.

I want change!
I want change!
I want change!
I want

I am nothing
I am nothing at all.
I am
I am
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
(I am the same old thing.)
(A broken man without You.)
(Without You.)
I am
I am nothing at all
(I am nothing without you, Jesus.)

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