"Hope For The Broken" lyrics


"Hope For The Broken"

Picture me in a perfect state of mind. All these thoughts I wish I could just leave behind.I know I said wasn't hopeless, but through these years will I ever get over this? We are broken. We all know this. Will I give up or just give in? I wish it wasn't this way. I am not the person I said I would become. There is so much more I have yet to overcome. At what cost would it take to restore all I've lost? Put me back together and change my heart forever. Picture us before everything had changed when in the end the picture never fit the frame. I hope you didn't notice.The man behind the mask was at his lowest. Even when I feel my furthest, in the darkness, I will still worship. Give a voice to the unspoken. Lord, You are the hope for the broken.

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