"Burdens" lyrics



The weight of conviction is coming over me.
It's coming over me.
It's so unsettling but yet I welcome it each night with open arms.
With open arms.

When will I finally set my sights on you?
I know you'll never take your eyes off me.

Can you hear it? Can you hear the cry from my heart?

This separation between you and me can only last so long before I tear at the seams.
We were meant for so much more, so much more than this.

Take me.
Use me.
I'm waiting for you, waiting for you.

I've been waiting for you.
I've been waiting for you to come and live.

Oh, I feel so tired. I'm falling on my knees again.
And I cannot fake this any longer.

Hold me close before I let go. [x4]

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