"Whose Nature Is It?" lyrics


"Whose Nature Is It?"

Power hungry politicians to oversee foreign relations.
Controlling the defense systems & borders between nations.
But meanwhile a much more secret side still holds the upper hand. 
They're working hard day and night they have our future planned.
The corporations have the brains but their motivations comes from greed.
The politicians are lacking minds but they have the money that they need.
Together they're the team that forms the good ol' USA.
Corporate control & federal defense to protect the capitalist way.
Monsanto began behind locked doors.
They started splicing genes, manipulating nature - to control what our future will bring.
Disease resistant crops producing higher yields.
Plants that thrive on less water & grow in less fertile fields.
But they couldn't stop there - chemically they held the key.
They started producing special pesticides since the public couldn't see. 
Now they control the food crops through genes they went and spliced
and sell the chemicals to maintain bio-engineered plant life.
They didn't predetermine the effects of changing nature's plans,
or think about the outcome on livestock & humans.
So the next logical step in their conquest for greed
was to manufacture pharmaceuticals that soon we all will need.
Still manipulating life - it's too late, the seeds are sewn.
They're still producing pesticides & fertilizers to ensure that plants are grown.
And as our health is failing all over the world today,
they continue to develop & push more drugs to keep our symptoms at bay. 
This is but one example of how corporate america rules our lives. 
They're making money off of us when we're born, throughout our lives, and when we die.

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