"Militerrorism" lyrics



Another morning breaks to reveal a brand new day
of bombing, death and mutilation - it's the innocent who pay.
They use others violent acts as an excuse to start their wars.
They fight fire with fire and take more lives; I can't take this anymore.
Living a lie. We never know who's next to kill and who's next to die.
Living a lie. We never know when it's the truth and when it's a lie.
Brainwashing the masses to support another war,
people backing up America when they don't even know what their fighting for.
Leaders battle one another for powers we can't see,
issues to which we can't relate they don't represent you or me.
The government controls what we see on our TV screens,
and the people go along with it without understanding what the fighting means.
Endless waves of paranoia hit us right between the eyes.
A way for them to ingrain hatred, the media needs no disguise.
Frightened people don't need a reason, they don't need to justify.
Why the fighting will continue and so many have to die.
War is terrorism, it's all one and the same.
As long as the military does its part to continue to kill and maim.
So they tell us that the others hate us, and we must do the same.
For the good of the nation we must fight, and play their stupid game.
They've tried to pull the flag over our eyes, stars and stripes to hide the lies.
A nation taught their flags a shield, will panic and fear when the truths revealed.
Retaliation of our nation, a blatant act of desperation.
Further ingrain this separation, and worsen our world's situation.
Where's the rational explanation, for yet another invasion.
And our lack of motivation, to fight against public persuasion.
Misinterpretation, they'll keep the information vague.
Public manipulation, is the hidden war they wage.
Media control of what we learn from the daily news.
The way that we perceive it, is up to us to choose.
What is it we're fighting for?
This is not our war.
What the hell are we fighting for?
This is not our fucking war.

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