"In Darkness" lyrics


"In Darkness"

The sun rises once again 
Swallow the night has come to end 
Lay down your weapons, lie down my friends 
For the night will soon be here again. 
And the bright light screams across the sky 
And I am forced to face what I despise 
A land torn apart by greed 
Their lust for money, their power, we feed 
And millions search the ground for scraps 
In this system we fall between the cracks 
Rise up together, rise up as one 
Dismantle their system 
We've only begun 
And as the night falls 
The darkness is setting in 
Lay down your weapons, lie down my friends 
In the darkness is when we make our choice 
In the darkness is when we raise our voice 
Cause we can live like slaves in this capitalist society 
Or raise our voice and let our actions show just what we can be 
A real functioning community with a real fucking purpose 
Without all the greed 
We can make this shit happen but its going to take more than just you & me. 
We have to reach out and establish a real resistance 
And the words alone are not enough 
Our actions have to be persistent 
We can't ever let up or even show a weakness 
Because if we do they're surely going to beat us 
Rise up, raise up your voice 
We have to work together and we have to make a choice 
Another 500 years of oppression and hate 
Or start to rebuild before its too late 
Raise up your voice 
Don't take their shit 
Solidarity is a weapon 
Let's start using it 
Raise up your weapons, stand up and fight 
Join the resistance for all that is right 
Raise up your weapons, rise up my friends 
See hate and injustice come to an end.

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