"Conviction" lyrics



We talk about autonomy and respect, but all I see is a lack of responsibility 
Sometimes the difference between what's wrong or right, is not just a matter of personal insight. 
We shouldn't have to worry about punks driving while intoxicated 
We shouldn't have the stupid fights when people are annihilated 
We shouldn't have to hear the many statements based on bigotry 
With negative references to gender, race and others sexuality. 
An honest mistake or an act of convenience? 
An honest mistake or a pure lack of common sense? 
Do we have no conviction for the words we like to say? 
Riding down this path of stagnancy, surly there's a better way.. 
If we refuse to start to care then this is how things will stay. 
Think before you consume, think before you act 
If we don't, nothing will change - It's a proven fact. 
If we're gonna sit back and complain about the laws we shouldn't need, 
Then go and commit the very crimes on which law makers feed 
Don't try to play "make-believe" in this false reality 
Where you steal from friends and don't give a fuck while screaming "anarchy". 
We talk about respect 
and autonomy 
but all that I see, is a lack of responsibility 
Sometimes the difference, between what's wrong or right, 
is not a matter of opinion, or personal insight..

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