"The Greatest Need" lyrics


"The Greatest Need"

Can't we hear the hurting they are asking
Where is there good in this world
We've seen it in print but there's no one to show it
Will you understand you're not the only ones who suffer
And suffer we will
The cutting wind has its way of killing hope when its so cold
We wonder as we sit around could we be meant for something greater
There's no hope for change when we can't see the needs of others before our own
And now must our faces be set as stone
Always forcing us against each other
So let us be the first to stand and say but not as if we were faultless
That we cant move on unless we forgive
We can forgive
We have to let it go
It's the arrogance we have to let it go
This is our greatest need
Will we reject the ones we see who have the greatest need

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