"Swept Away" lyrics


"Swept Away"

Was there a first time you can remember the structure of life
It fell into chaos and standing alone you were face to face with uncertainty
Your bare feet sticking to the cold floor
The shrill raised voices echoing off rusted tin
Escalating through those burdened walls
That was the last time you felt at home
On a cold night when sound sleep and fair dreams should have kept you
Warm in your bed you were standing restless
Staring into your own eyes that for the first time seemed empty and
Losing light with every second
Who is this young man and will he ever understand
Exactly why his world was changed that night
Or how do you come back from this
Where everything seems strangely distorted and so far away from love
Who is this young man and will he ever understand
One night this night
Was it the night that you were swept away
To this deep dark place and
Now how will you get back
Or will you ever be the same

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