"Beneath The Concrete" lyrics


"Beneath The Concrete"

With this life of mine how can I help to make this
A better place for you or should I even try
As I stumble through the shadows I have created for myself
In this attempt to reconcile
The song that we once knew by heart and memory
Has all but completely slipped away
Til we remember not the tune
Only a single phrase remains but
Somehow we know its been terribly misused or misconstrued
I can recall words that leapt from pages once alive
But now lying dead on the table
Is there a way for this life to be revived
To repair a fractured faith or did it need to die
But we know there's something here that's worth rediscovering
If we can break through the concrete to find what's growing beneath
Could it be the rescue of all
Growing beneath the rock and the stone
Though we are the unlikely and the least
We will break through the concrete to find
What's growing beneath

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