"Valentines + Broken Hearts" lyrics


"Valentines + Broken Hearts"

Performed as Zero To Hero

Why is this so hard
I just can't go on
And I'm going to end it all
When I finish this song
Cause I just want to love you
Is that really so wrong
But when I say those words
You say so long

Relationships are doomed to fail
Until you find that perfect match
If I said I thought you were the one
Would you shut the door and lock the latch

I can remember the first time we talked
I stared in your eyes and we laughed as we walked
And you are the first girl that I've ever met
That I could sit and do nothing with

Another Valentine
Another broken heart
But when I'd found my card
You'd torn it all apart
Because there'd be no swingsets
And no walks in the park
I have no love letters from you
And they'd never start

So I won't cry, just walk away
Just keep living day to day
And what I'd give to just see your smile
Our song plays on the radio dial

Memories of you burn in my mind
Try not to think of you all of the time
Hurts so bad, my heart ripped from my chest
Of all the girls I know, you were the best

Thanks to stupidguy182 for these lyrics

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