"The Last Trip to Mars" lyrics


"The Last Trip to Mars"

Performed as Zero To Hero

Sweet seventeen, never been kissed
He had never known what he had missed
Laying in the grass, playing in the stars
Our hero makes his final trip to mars

Thoughts seems to change, now what's on his mind
Floating down a river wasting time
Playing in the mud, basking in the sun
At the O.K. Corral with his gun

And he's lost in a daydream
Never to return
A picture in the glowing embers burns
Let's the hours pass
Hours turn to years
He's smiling and no one really cares

He's gazing at the clouds
And he's drinking lemonade
Lean against a tree
And we're drowning in the shade
Staring in his eyes
But still he can't be seen
Then their lips meet for the first time
And this life's a dream

Under full moon, playing with his friends
At a time when nothing seems to end
Take a look around, isn't this great
At a time when growing up can wait

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