"One Day I'll Stop Breathing" lyrics


"One Day I'll Stop Breathing"

Now that I've hit the bottom
You've taken everything from me
You never really listened
You'll never hear again from me
I've never been this down before
You've never understood
I've never been this down before
And I've never felt so good

Abandon ship, cause I'm going down
You can jump first, cause I'd rather drown
These restless nights, under this brilliant sky
Is it too late to ask for a kiss goodnight?

You're trying to remember
I'm dying to forget
You said this was forever
But those words I regret
What happens when I'm not around
Do you ever think of me?
Burn my heart onto the ground
Until there's nothing left of me

This plane's gonna crash straight into the ground
No one to stop me, now that you're not around
I can't turn back now, after what you have done
You stole my parachute, and I only had one

"I love you" never holds its meaning
When you look for greener pastures
You've got your memories; you've got your pictures
So have you found all your stupid answers?

One day I'll stop breathing
And one day you'll believe in me

Believe in me

Thanks to Tony Diassio for these lyrics

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