"Get Lost!" lyrics


"Get Lost!"

Performed as Zero To Hero

He stepped on the airplane today
Things are going to be okay
And you said your goodbyes
But things shouldn't be this way
How can you love him like that
What he did behind your back
If you just give me a shot
I'll help get you back on track

I know that it's wrong
But know that he's gone
You've shed enough tears
For your broken heart
And what can I do
To be there next to you
I'll tell you the truth
I loved you from the start

You're the coolest girl I've met
Just don't seem to know it yet
Let me tell these things to you
It'll just take a sec
There's no reason to be scared
Cause I'll always be there
We had our moments in the past
Now just think of what we'll share

Now we're skating
And we're playing
And your heart has started healing
From the guy who me stealing
Your love or at least that's what I've been
Told him what I'm made of
And that we're real sure of
That we are in love
But I guess that's just how our love goes

Thanks to stupidguy182 for these lyrics

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