"Sincerity" lyrics



This boat is slowly sinking and I won't get in his way.
I've played the role of the savior before and I drowned.
I see hundreds of faces but they don't mean a thing to me.
Its a sight I've seen many nights before but somehow its never enough.
I have no idea why I'm here, no idea why I'm scared,
I look for answers desperately before its too late.

As I stare at the horizon, one last scream escapes from me:
why couldn't you just be sincere?


So I'll settle with being a part of this mess and wish for the best.
I'll stare death in the eye and take it as it comes.
One less bad seed for this world to mourn.
I'll never look back, don't even pretend you ever cared.

Thanks to xcrucialkidx for these lyrics

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